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Our instruments

Tacta Handpans is one of the first companies to consolidate the use of stainless steel for handpan building.


After one year working with nitrided carbon steel, Rafael began to search for a different material, one that was more rust resistant than carbon steel, didn’t require chemical treatments such as nitriding, and also provided unique sound properties.

When properly handled, stainless steel can bring incredible sound sustain, while still being very stable, and a unique timbre – these are some of the features of the Tacta handpans.

Aside from the sound properties, stainless steel handpans provide the customer an easier maintenance routine, because of its superior rust resistance. Superficial cleaning with a dry clean cloth after playing is required to remove sweat and dirt; from time to time, it is important to use specific products to help preventing rust. Rust resistance is one feature that makes stainless handpans ideal for hot and humid places, like Brazil.

Every instrument made at Tacta Handpans is shipped to the customer with:

- Protective carbon steel shell, internally lined with foam (protects the handpan from light/mild impacts)

- Soft bag with removable straps

- Pure Sound Wax sample – specially designed product to protect the handpan surface 


Send us an e-mail to get all the information about available scales/models, and how to order one.

Check out Tacta on Instagram and watch some of our instruments being played.

More videos coming soon on the website and out YouTube channel.

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