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Adriana Yuki

Adriana is Brazilian, from São Paulo – SP. She has been a music and arts enthusiast since she was very young, and she’s been working on cultural events, production and curatorship of exhibits and music festivals since the beginning of her career in 2006.

She went to school to study events management, which allowed her to work with great Brazilian musicians and bands, and organize major art exhibits, such as photography, graffiti, tattooing and many others, including the biggest graffiti painting in São Paulo. Project development, marketing and communication planning and staff management are also part of Adriana’s usual work setup.



In 2016, Adriana became a part of the Tacta staff. Initially, she was in charge of customer care and orders, and workshop management. But soon after that, she got more and more involved with the handpan production, and nowadays, she is responsible for some steps in the making process. This makes her the first female handpan maker in Brazil.

Even though she’s been very engaged with handpan making lately, Adriana still manages to keep her activities as cultural promoter, and is currently working with many artists from music and art scenes.

To know more about her work, follow                     @adrianayukiii

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