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About Tacta Handpans

Founded in 2015 by Rafael D’Arco, Tacta Handpans is one of the first handpan companies in Brazil, and is based in Campos do Jordão, a small city near São Paulo, SP.

The first instruments made by Tacta were built in nitrided carbon steel, like most of the handpans available in the market at the time. However, in 2017, after extensive studying and testing, involving both the building processes and the steel alloy, the team decided to change to stainless steel. Tacta Handpans now specializes in top quality stainless steel handpans, building instruments with a unique and distinctive sound. The main focus has always been towards "taming" the stainless timbre, while also keeping it warm and vibrant.


Until 2016 Rafael worked alone, when Adriana Yuki joined the team, both building handpans and managing some of the administrative work. This improved the building process as a whole. In 2021, Tacta workshop moved from São Paulo to Campos do Jordão, to a much larger and more confortable space, which allowed an increase in productivity, while keeping the handmade characteristic of Tacta instruments, resulting in less waiting time for customers.

Nowadays, Tacta is working to spread the handpan sound through the community in Brazil, where the instrument is still uncommon and hard to find, but without losing the connection with the international community, that has always been so welcoming in the events the team has attended.

Find out more about the makers Adriana Yuki e Rafael D'Arco

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Tacta Handpans is one of the first companies to consolidate the use of stainless steel for handpan building.


After a period of working with nitrided carbon steel, Rafael began searching for a different material, one that was more rust resistant than carbon steel, didn’t require chemical treatments such as nitriding, and also provided unique sound properties.

When properly handled, stainless steel can bring incredible sound sustain, while still being very stable, and with a unique timbre – these are some of the features of the Tacta handpans.

Aside from the sound properties, stainless steel handpans provide the customer an easier maintenance routine, because of its superior rust resistance. Surface cleaning with a dry clean cloth after playing is required to remove sweat and dirt; from time to time, it is important to use specific products to help preventing rust. Rust resistance is one feature that makes stainless steel handpans ideal for hot and humid places, like Brazil.

Every instrument made at Tacta Handpans is shipped to the customer with:

- Protective carbon steel shell, internally lined with foam (protects the handpan from light/mild impacts) - for instruments with top and bottom notes, two protective shells are provided

- Soft bag with removable straps

- Care kit including two soft microfiber cloths and Pure Sound Wax sample – specially designed product to protect the handpan surface


Tacta Handpans offers a catalogue of regular scales. Theses scales are available with reduced waiting time - possibly ready for immediate purchase. For information on availabilty and prices, send us an e-mail.


Tacta regular scales are:

C# Harmonic Minor 22
Notes: (C# D# E F#) G# (A C) C# D# E F# G# A C C# D# E F# G# A C C#

Scale run

E Kurd 18
Notes: (C D) E (F# G A) B C D E F# G A B D E G A

Scale run

E SaByeD 17
Notes: (B C#) E (F# G#) A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B (C#) D# E

Scale run

E Kurd
Notes: (E) B C D E F# G A B D

Scale run

C# Kurd
Notes: (C#) G# A B C# D
# E F# G#

Scale run

D Celtic Minor
Notes: (D) A C D E

Scale run

E SaByeD
Notes: (E) A B C# D# E F# G# B

Scale run

For custom-made scales please send us an e-mail with your request.

Whenever possible, the team take orders for different and personalized scales, if viable within the "Tacta standards" of production. For custom-made instruments, building time and wait list is different, and is informed after the initial customization discussion.

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Contact us

For complete information on regular scales, shipping and prices, and custom-made instruments, send us an e-mail

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